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    Research Interest

    • Management of customers: Customer trust, retention, and privacy issues in the telecommunications service and e-business industries

    • Applying mathematical/behavioral/simulation/experimental tools to address customer/strategy issues in IT& Media industries

    • Analytic/behavioral approach for decision-making and decision support systems

    • Strategic issues in high-technology industry


    • 1986.9 - 1993.9:   Stanford University, Engineering-Economic Systems (now, Department of Management Science & Engineering), Decision Analysis, Ph.D.
    • 1984.3 - 1986.2:   Seoul National University, Industrial Engineering, MS.

    • 1980.3 - 1984.2:   Seoul National University, Industrial Engineering, BS.


    • 2015.8 - 2019.6:  KAIST Business School, AIM Management Program, Director

    • 2014.3 - Present:  SK Telecom, Board of Directors, Outside Director

    • 2013.5 - 2015.4:  KAIST Business School, Vice Dean for External Affairs

    • 2011.9 - 2013. 8:  KAIST School of Information and Media Management, Dean

    • 2010.11 - 2011.10:  President, Korea Media Management Association

    • 2008.8 - 2009.8:  USC Marshall School of Business, Visiting Professor

    • 2005.3 - 2008.2 KAIST Business School, Telecom MBA, Chair

    • 2004.9 - 2006.9 KAIST Business School, ATM Management Program, Chair

    • 2003.8 - 2004.8 AT&T Labs, Management Systems Division, Florham Park, NJ, U.S.A, Visiting Professor.

    • 1997.9 - 1998.2 Rutgers University, Business School, Newark, NJ, USA, Adjunct Professor.

    • 1993.9 - 1998.2 AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ, U.S.A, Senior Technical Staff Member, Decision analysis and Intelligent Systems Group.

    • 1990.9 - 1993.4 Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, California, U.S.A Consultant.

    • Honors
    • Best Completed Research Paper Award (2nd Runner-Up),  Alexa, Tell Me More: The Effect of Advertisements on Memory Accuracy from Smart Speakers, The 22nd Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS), 2018.
    • Korea Gallop Research Paper Award (Paper, titled “The Effect of Visual Stimuli in Internet Banner Ads: The Moderating Role of Task and Complexity of Visual Stimuli” was selected as one of the best four papers out of all the published papers in 2009 in the area of media research), 2009.
    • Best Research Paper Award (“Measuring Consumer Preferences Using Multi-Attribute Utility Theory”) out of all the published papers in the Journal of MIS Research published in 2008, The KMIS, Korea (2009)
    • KAIST Contribution Award (Feb 2008)

    • Recipient of SBS Cultural Foundation Research Grant (2008)

    • KAIST Business School Outstanding contribution award (Spring 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007)

    • IITA Contribution Award (Dec 2007)

    • Best Paper Award in Society of MIS spring biannual conference (June 2005)

    • KAIST Best Teaching Award (February 2004)

    • AT&T Contribution Award, Contribution on the APRI-ARC-Billing Team (2004 February)

    • KAIST Graduate School of Management, Best Teaching Award (December 2003)

    • Marquis Who's Who in Science & Engineering (June 2001)

    • Recipient of Korean Government Scholarship for Foreign Studies (September 1986)


    ▶ Alexa, Tell Me More! The Effectiveness of Advertisements through Smart Speakers, Dongyeon Kim, Kyuhong Park, Yongjin Park, Jae-Hyeon Ahn, et al. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Working paper

    • ▶ Can It Clean Up Your Inbox? Evidence from South Korean Antispam Legislation, Jaehyeon Ju, Daegon Cho, Jae Kyu Lee, Jae?Hyeon Ahn, Production and Operations Management, 2021, Vol. 30, No. 8, pp. 2636-2652.

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